Beauty from Pain: Featured Art at Liver Conference

On October 15, 2017, my piece titled Beauty from Pain, was presented as part of a live activity event for the Continuing Medical Education program Diagnosis and Treatment of NASH: An Evidence-Based Discussion of an Urgent Clinical Need during their annual ACG meeting in Orlando, Florida. The goal was to inform physicians and doctors about what it is like living with liver disease through my art. This was the presentation.

The occasion was brought about first by an interview, and then by a request for one of my image “Beauty from Pain.” Every single piece of imagery and every color choice is extremely intentional in this piece, and I used the opportunity to try and depict some of the deep struggles I have living with the chronic diseases that have plagued me since birth.

After the interview, a script was written, it was given to me to look over and approve, and then a professional voice actor recited my story. The voice actor makes the whole video so amazingly epic and wonderful. I wish I had this kind of narration wherever I went! With prednisone wreaking havoc on my vocal chords, I could just hire him to speak on my behalf.

Several physicians watched the video, and now I am making the video available to you for your enjoyment as well.