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Beauty from Pain: Featured Art at Liver Conference

On October 15, 2017, my piece titled Beauty from Pain, was presented as part of a live activity event for the Continuing Medical Education program Diagnosis and Treatment of NASH: An Evidence-Based Discussion of an Urgent Clinical Need during their annual ACG meeting in Orlando, Florida. The goal was to inform physicians and doctors about what it is like living with liver disease through my art. This was the presentation.

The occasion was brought about first by an interview, and then by a request for one of my image “Beauty from Pain.” Every single piece of imagery and every color choice is extremely intentional in this piece, and I used the opportunity to try and depict some of the deep struggles I have living with the chronic diseases that have plagued me since birth.

After the interview, a script was written, it was given to me to look over and approve, and then a professional voice actor recited my story. The voice actor makes the whole video so amazingly epic and wonderful. I wish I had this kind of narration wherever I went! With prednisone wreaking havoc on my vocal chords, I could just hire him to speak on my behalf.

Several physicians watched the video, and now I am making the video available to you for your enjoyment as well.

Centennial Chalk Art Event – This Weekend!

It is the reemergence of People of the Chalk. After a long hiatus, due to complicated medical issues, we rise again, poised and ready to move forward with another captivating and engaging chalk art piece. If you find yourself in the Centennial, Colorado area this weekend, please swing by and say hi. Even though the weather is promising to be wet and nasty, the show will go on, and your face will warm our hearts as we work the pavement, transforming it into something wonderful and dimensional.

Details are as follows:

Location: Centennial Center Park, 13050 E Peakview Ave, Centennial, CO 80111
When: this Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Cost: FREE!

The theme of this event is being kept tightly wrapped, but we will hint with this: mice.

Check out our previous events through our YouTube channel:

Oap! That’s all we’ll say for now. To see more, you’ll have to show up or pay attention to my Instagram. @hummelillustration

Check out my new tab!

Okay, so that sounds a bit funky, but perhaps that’s the point. I want to draw your attention (because I’m an artist and drawing is what I do) to a new menu item on my site titled “Events“.  For the first time ever (which sounds pretty grand), I have a page dedicated exclusively to listing all of the public events I will be a part of that you can come by and say hi. These include book signings, gallery shows, chalk art events, workshops, seminars, anything that I will be a part of artistically, I’ll try to include on this page.

Utilizing Google Calendar, it’ll be displayed in list format, but can also be previewed weekly or monthly. I’ll, of course, individually blog about each event as we approach it, but for now, and always, this calendar will be kept up to date for an easy and quick reference. I hope to see you at one of these happenings!

Solo Art Show at the Aar Gallery!

For the entire month of October, I will be having a solo show at the Aar River Gallery in Westminster. Primarily I will be showcasing the art from the upcoming children’s book “Lights On!” to be official published October 1. Come, stop by, and see the originals.

  • There will be a First Friday Reception
    on Oct. 6, from 6 to 9.
  • Hear me talk about the process of creating the illustrations for the book during the Second Saturday Art Walk on Oct. 14 from 1 to 5:00.
  • Also showing will be moderately priced originals, books, and prints. Please stop by and support this wonderful gallery and this great event.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Colorado Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Exhibit

November 3 – December 3, 2017

Boulder Public Library
Canyon Gallery
1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, Co. 80301

Call for Illustrators and Writers of Children’s books that live in Colorado!


A fantastic opportunity to participate in a showcase of children’s book illustrations during the month of November.

Each illustrator accepted into the show will have one finished, framed illustration (ready to hang with wire on the back) from their book or book dummy accompanied with a 32” x 40” foam core Educational Board featuring some aspect of your process to show the public how you created your piece. (If you need examples, look at some of my previous blog entries.) For example, you may want to show a series of your sketches featuring how you created one of your characters, or show your storyboard. This isn’t a usual gallery show, but it is a show with an educational element to inform the public about how we work.

Participants must deliver and pick up their pieces at the library gallery in Boulder and either bring goodies for the opening (on opening night) or donate $10.00 upon delivery of your work to purchase refreshments on your behalf. More details about delivery and pick up time and other details will be available upon acceptance into the show. To enter, fill out this form:

For Both Writers & Illustrators:

Color Copies of Published Books: Please mail a printed color copy of each of your book covers. These will be featured in a large display within the exhibit.

Press Notebook: Print two pages for the Notebook that will be on public display throughout the show. The pages will be shown as a spread. Mail these pages along with the Color Copies (above).

  • Page 1 shows your book/s (8.5″ x 11″)  Show images of your book covers in any creative format you like.
  • Page 2 is a Press Sheet (8.5″ x 11″) This page is written content about you and your book/s. Include on this sheet with names of author/illustrator, a short bio forauthor/illustrator, and contact/book ordering information.

Speaking and demonstration slots are available on the weekends for writers and illustrators to speak in the exhibit gallery. If you’re interested in participating, we need creatives to talk about the children’s publishing field, talk about their process in writing or illustrating or talk about the many kinds of children’s books that are published. A 20 min talk with 10 minutes at the end for QnA is a wonderful format, but talks up to 1 hour will be considered. We’re open to varying ideas but we must have your speaking idea submission sent via email by the 28th of August (for the fall newsletter sent out by the library). There may be a small stipend for speakers.

To Apply/Due Dates:


More information will be emailed out upon acceptance into the show.

We (Roberta Collier-Morales, Cherish Flieder, and I, Benjamin Hummel) thank you for your participation!



Here is a graphic (below) and a short link to make sharing EASY: