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Lights On! Illustration by Benjamin Hummel - Picture Book for Children

Replicating Louis Tiffany’s Masterpiece


Replicating Louis Tiffany’s masterpiece can be a challenging thing. This next illustration for the children’s book “Lights On!” illustrates Ike and Samuel walking down the Cross Hall as it might have looked in 1890. The problem is, there’s only 3 grainy photos I was able to find of the Cross Hall and the famed Tiffany […]

Client Christmas Card - Merry, Merry, Holidays

Custom Christmas Card for BL Speer and Associates


Every year I design and illustrate custom Christmas cards for various area businesses, and one client who has consistantly been a part of that for many, many years is Ms.┬áSpeer, who also happens to be an intellectual property lawyer, specializing in the arts. Every year, she has me depict her and her staff in some […]