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Centennial Chalk Art Event – This Weekend!

It is the reemergence of People of the Chalk. After a long hiatus, due to complicated medical issues, we rise again, poised and ready to move forward with another captivating and engaging chalk art piece. If you find yourself in the Centennial, Colorado area this weekend, please swing by and say hi. Even though the weather is promising to be wet and nasty, the show will go on, and your face will warm our hearts as we work the pavement, transforming it into something wonderful and dimensional.

Details are as follows:

Location: Centennial Center Park, 13050 E Peakview Ave, Centennial, CO 80111
When: this Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Cost: FREE!

The theme of this event is being kept tightly wrapped, but we will hint with this: mice.

Check out our previous events through our YouTube channel:

Oap! That’s all we’ll say for now. To see more, you’ll have to show up or pay attention to my Instagram. @hummelillustration

Check out my new tab!

Okay, so that sounds a bit funky, but perhaps that’s the point. I want to draw your attention (because I’m an artist and drawing is what I do) to a new menu item on my site titled “Events“.  For the first time ever (which sounds pretty grand), I have a page dedicated exclusively to listing all of the public events I will be a part of that you can come by and say hi. These include book signings, gallery shows, chalk art events, workshops, seminars, anything that I will be a part of artistically, I’ll try to include on this page.

Utilizing Google Calendar, it’ll be displayed in list format, but can also be previewed weekly or monthly. I’ll, of course, individually blog about each event as we approach it, but for now, and always, this calendar will be kept up to date for an easy and quick reference. I hope to see you at one of these happenings!