Lights On! Book

The long wait is over! The much anticipated "Lights On!" book, written by Cynthia Becker, and illustrated by Benjamin Hummel, is here!

In 1891 electric lights were just beginning to replace gas lamps. Congress appropriated money for the installation of an Edison generator in the State, War, and Navy Building next door to the White House to serve both buildings. The White House wiring was done by Ike Hoover. He remained a public servant in the White House during ten presidential terms, from Benjamin Harrison to Franklin Roosevelt. This book is part of his amazing story.

"The illustrations are reminiscent of classical art and reinforce the text by underpinning the opulence of the White House for the time period. Hummel also makes good use of chiaroscuro to juxtapose light and dark tones in parallel with the advent of electric lights."

- Review from School Library Journal, October 2017 regarding the recent Lights On! book.

Lights On! Ike Hoover Electrifies the White House
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Hard cover with jacket. 38 pages.